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 A garden columbarium in Bolton Landing, New York, where its peace and beauty are available to all for a final resting place, regardless of religious affiliation. 


What is a columbarium?  A collection of burial chambers to hold the cremated remains of loved ones.  The dignified stone of the Sacrement Gardens columbarium, enhanced by flowering trees and shrubs, invites meditation and creates a sense of communion with departed friends and family members, a consoling link between life and death.  The columbarium is on the north hillside of the Episcopal Church of St. Sacrement overlooking scenic Lake George.  Its stone walls harmonize with the stone architecture of the church and provides a serene resting place at modest cost.

A Niche: A columbarium niche is a recessed chamber to hold the cremated remains.  Each niche is opened from the top, a container of ashes is placed inside and then the stone slab atop each niche is permanently sealed.  Burial Urns are not necessary.  The name and birth and death dates are inscribed on the stone slab.

The Cost:  A niche can accomodate the cremated remains of one person or a couple, at a cost of $1500.   There is a fee for opening and closing the niche for internment and for the inscription.  Families can purchase niches decades in advance of need and may obtain adjoining niches as available


For additional information or to see the regulations governing Sacrement Gardens, please call the church office (518) 644-9613 and ask to speak to a member of the columbarium committee.  The vestry of the church administers the columbarium.  Feel free to walk around the garden columbarium on your own and experience its quiet beauty

Many of our most helpful gifts come from the estates of our generous donors. Please consider a bequest to St. Sacrement when you plan your estate.